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The Whys And Whats Of Winter-Time Replacement Windows

How can replacement windows help you prepare for the winter? Take a look at the whys and whats of a cold-weather window replacement service. Why Replace Windows in the Winter? Ideally you would replace your home's older, damaged, or worn windows before the cold weather arrives. But if you procrastinated, didn't have the home improvement budget, or just waited too long, you can still schedule this service in the cold or snowy weather. Read More 

Customization Options To Discuss With Your Window Replacement Contractor

If you are about to replace your windows, then it is important to make sure you get what you want! These windows will be in your home for decades to come, so it's worth paying a little more for options that will make your windows more secure, attractive, and usable. Here are a few specific customization options to consider. Tinted Glass or Privacy Glass Windows exist to let light into your home and to allow you to see the outdoors. Read More 

The Top Benefits Of Having Exterior Shutters Added To Your Windows

These days, many homeowners have started to think of exterior shutters as old and outdated. It is true that you do not see real, functional shutters as often as you did a few decades ago. However, exterior shutters do still offer a wide array of benefits for homeowners who don't mind their traditional look. The following are a few of those benefits. Shutters protect windows from high winds during storms. Read More 

New To The Hurricane Zone? Here’s What You Need To Know About Windows

Moving into an area where hurricanes are common can be a little daunting at first. You know you need to be prepared, but if you've never lived in an area that gets hurricanes before, you may not know quite what that protection looks like. For your home, at least, a lot of that protection comes down to the windows. Here are the basics you need to know as a new-comer to the area. Read More 

Faux Wood Blinds And Shutters

Faux wood blinds look like regular wood blinds, but with some added benefits. They are more durable, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, and cost much less. This type of blind is made from a composite PVC, making them last longer than traditional wood options. Faux wood blinds won't crack, peel, or yellow over time because they are built with durable polymer materials that are coated with UV-ray inhibitors. Easy Maintenance Due to the material of this type of window treatment, moisture won't be a problem. Read More 

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